Monthly Archives: March 2014

Recording My Bike

So when I get down time, I find I’m still eager to learn new ways of recording and manipulating sound.  I decided to embark on a little project of my own to record my bicycle.  I don’t know why or what I’ll use it for but I think it’s interesting to document a ride through the city of LA and by Venice Beach.  I ride through here a lot and I will find some cool sonic spaces to ride through.

I’ve already started gathering some sounds:

After cleaning my bike, I brought it inside and flipped it upside down.  Since I have already borrowed my friend’s stereo pair of AKG 414s I used them in various configurations around the chain and rotors.  I have no gears on my bike so all I was getting was the chain movement, rotors/pedals cranking and wind from the back tire.  The stereo image is pretty cool!

I’m planning out how I’ll mic up the bike ride.  So far this is what I’m coming up with:

With my zoom zip tied to the frame between my legs I’ll record the stereo L/R

Two hard wired lavs; one on my person and one by the back brake capturing wheel/tire against pavement and chain noise.  I’m planning on using my COS-11 on my person and not sure what the best mic will be for the bike.  Tram?  ME-2?