Pete Orlanski has had opportunities teaching music in a varied facility.  The core of his pedagogy, however, is the same through it all: to love and understand the language of music  and to express it with the best facility the student can muster.Sunflower

Pete has taught hand-drumming classes with the Music and Arts Center for Humanity, group ensembles of youth rock stars with Gulianno’s School of Rock and Bluegrass clinics for aspiring pickers at the Bluegrass on the Bogs music festival in Massachusetts.

Pete currently teaches privately at home and at the Cornerstone Music Conservatory for students learning:

Piano (Beginning to intermediate: fundamentals, sight-reading, accompaniment, repertoire, jazz)

Bass  (beginning to advanced: upright and electric, fundamentals, reading, repertoire, forming bass lines in any style, jazz, classical, arco and pizz)

Drums  (Beginning to intermediate: rudiments, independence, basic grooves, reading)

Guitar   (Beginning to intermediate: simple chords, rhythm, fretboard facility, theory)

Brass instruments  (beginning:  sounding the horn, proper breathing, developing chops, reading, blending with a section)

Music Theory

Pete teaches music regardless of the medium.  Music is a language that we only need to discover that we already understand.  Expressing it, however, takes time to harness the skill, patience to become fluent, persistence to build the facility on the instrument of choice and practice to be comfortable.  Pete maintains in each of his classes work in music theory, ear training, notation reading, harmony, rhythm and of course exercises to develop on the student’s instrument.

Music is fun!  Pete makes sure that each student identifies with music in this way.

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Rates for private instruction are:

$60.00 per hour

$45.00 per ½ hour